1st Day of School

Zoee and Grayden actually started school August 22nd, and I just hadn't gotten around to blogging about it, but ... better late than never right?!?

Grayden started Kindergarten this year!!!!!!!! Can't believe my little (ok, not so little) guy is going to school!! Even though he is bigger than Zoee, I still think of him as a little boy:( He is growing up so fast. I have to admit that I was extremely nervous about him starting school. He is all boy and definatley has an issue with following directions and his "selective" hearing!!!! But, he is doing GREAT!!!!! {Mrs. Carr, please tell me if I am mistaken!!} He has managed for his worm to stay on the green apple every day, earning himself a couple trips to the treasure chest!!!  And most all of his papers are coming home with a 100 or a Check +!!!!! We still have a ways to go on his handwriting, but I have to say I am so impressed and SO proud of him so far!!!!

Here he is on his 1st day!!!!!

And Zoee has started 3rd grade!!!! It seems like yesterday, I was taking her Kindergarten picture!! Just like always, she is doing great!! She loves school and is always eager to learn new things!!

Here she is on her 1st day!!!

And here are my 2 big kids together on their 1st day!!!!!!! Have a wonderful year my sweet babies!!!!!

End of the Summer Crafting!!!

I *think* somewhere back in blog land, I mentioned that now that I had finished my Master's, I really wanted to start being more crafty and creative, and that I really wanted to learn how to sew. Well, while FAR from being good at it, I have really tried my hand at sewing and crafting this summer when I had a minute, which now that I'm thinking about it, I didn't really have many "minutes" at all!!

You might remember this dress that I made for Tulah before we left for China.....

Well, since then, even though I have had less time, I have really enjoyed my new hobby! It is kind of a stress reliever for me. It is great to get up to my little craft room and "produce" things that we actually use!! It's fun!! I have made a few other dresses for Tulah, PJ pants for Grayden, several tote bags, a few baby gifts, my sisters birthday gifts, and a cover for Grayden's Kindermat!! I thought I would post a few pics here just so I would have the pictures to look back on one day, and share the links for the tutorials in case any of you might want to try them!! Remember though, these are very amateur, and far from perfect!!

I made these make-up brush rolls for my sisters. Here is a link to the tutorial I used.  Easy-peasy and cute too.

They look like this when they are filled with brushes.

I also made these family blocks for my sisters and I can't wait to make some for myself too. They are so cute!!!

 I found the tutorials for the blocks here. I love this blog for great DIY projects and recipes!!!

 I did these cute "monthly" onesies for a friends baby shower. I purchased the white onesies in a variety of sizes, and then used this template to print these iron-on fabric designs. You just iron (or you could sew them on) and Wha-La!! **I saw a set of these on Etsy for $75.00,so this is a great personalized DIY gift!!**

Another gift for the mama-to-be.... this was a wipes case and diaper pouch. Fun to make!! You can find the tutorial here!! 

I loved making these 4th of July shirts for my sweet kids and niece and nephew!!

       One of my last projects of the summer was to make a nap map cover for Grayden's Kindergarden nap mat. Still can't believe it was time for him to start school!! Anyway, the standard red and blue Kinderm@t, just wasn't gonna cut it for this mama. When Zoee started K, I think I paid $100 for her nap mat!!!! Yikes!! I still can't believe I did that! Oh, how times have changed! (and the number of kids we have!!!) So, I purchased the Kinderm@t at T@rget, and the fabric from Hobby L@bby, and followed this tutorial!! I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!!! And, I didn't have more than $14 in it between the fabric and the mat!! Cool!!!!

And, of course, Tulah couldn't go without a new tote to her new babysitters!! I have made this tote in several sizes and it is easy and fun!!!

So, those are just a few of the things that were keeping me busy this summer. Besides the 3 munchkins of course!! Any of you have any fun crafts to share???