4 Weeks Home!!


Have we already been home with this sweet girl for a whole month?!? Time flies!! I am somewhat ashamed that it has been so long since I have posted, but, in my defense, there is a certain 2 year old (and a 5 and 8 year old) that have been demanding much of my attention these days!!! 

Tulah is doing SO great adjusting to her new family! After just a few nights, she was sleeping in her room, in her own bed! It does take a little while for her to get to sleep, but when she finally dozes off, she sleeps all night! She is a great eater and has already gained at least 2 pounds since coming home, and really probably more!! She LOVES her big sister, and is liking her big brother more every day!! She is also WAY more tolerant of Tuff, (our 8 lb Yorkie).... he can now be in her line of sight without getting screamed at!! Yeah for progress!!

In her 4 weeks home, she has already done so many things, and she is a celebrity everywhere we go!!! She is so loving and will give such a sweet smile to everyone she meets. She has been to church, the park, pool parties, ball parties, awards day, the pediatrician, the cardiologist, the orthopedic surgeon, family cookouts, play dates with friends, the movies, and even the beach!!! She has even had her first haircut!!! It has been a busy month!!

All of Tulah's medical appointments have gone very well. Her pediatrician did find a heart murmur that we were unaware of, but after a trip to see the cardiologist, we have been assured that her heart is perfectly healthy!! What a blessing!! This past Monday, we went to see the orthopedic surgeon. This is the appointment that we have been anxious about, as all of her special needs are orthopedic in nature. She was such a trooper as the doctor examined her and she had several x-rays taken of her hand, spine and hips.

 On July 9th, Tulah will have a MRI of her spine. A spinal abnormality was picked up on x-ray, both in China and here, so the doctors want to make sure that there is no nerve damage, or damage to her spinal cord. Any damage to this area would greatly affect her future mobility and may prevent the correction of her hips. Based on the things that she is already able to do, the doctor was very optimistic that everything would be fine, and in my heart, I really feel the same, but it is still VERY hard not to worry. Michael and I would SO appreciate if you would join us in praying that this MRI would be NORMAL!!! After we find out the results of this test, we will proceed with the casting of her feet. After the correction of her feet is complete, and if the MRI is normal, then we can schedule the surgery for her hips.

Though the next year is going to be challenging, I know that it is temporary. God has great and mighty things planned for Tulah’s life, and through all of this, we will give Him all the glory. She has overcome so many obstacles already in her 2 years of life, and by God’s grace and love, she now has a family, and will never have to face these difficulties on her own again. 

This verse has given me much comfort this week:

" In nothing be anxious; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus". Phillipians 4: 6-7

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for Tulah! Promise not to go so long without blogging anymore!!!

Here are a few pictures of Tulah's first month home :))

 Tulah exactly 1 month from "Gotcha" night!!

 First Beach Trip!!

First time in the pool!!!

Tulah and her jie jie!!

All of my babies!

Family Cookout!

 Tulah's first visit to church!