We are Home!!!!

.... and actually have been for 6 days now!! 

So sorry that I have not blogged since coming home, but honestly, that little thing they call jet lag is NO JOKE!! I didn't even feel human for the first 2 days home, and I don't think our new precious 2 year old did either! We were all exhausted and experiencing a huge transition, but everyday is getting better and easier. I say easier, because I had obviously completely put how hard it was to have a 2 year old in the VERY back corner of my mind! But, she is getting used to her new home, her new family and very slowly to her new dog!!

We arrived back home to Charlotte about 7 pm last Thursday night. I cannot tell you how excited I was to get off that last plane and know that I didn't have to hop right on another one! Tulah really did great on the plane.... as long as I was holding her, which was fine.... but, during 20 hours of flying, one tends to just need a little break! Too bad Tulah didn't see it that way!!

This was a trip like no other we have ever taken, and we came home to a homecoming  like no other!! As we made our way down the escalator towards the baggage claim, I saw a sea of red.... and it was moving up and down. I thought, Hmmm..... is my equilibrium that off from flying ?? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was that sea of red... and they were jumping up and down with excitement to see us!! (ok, well really just to see Tulah!!!)

My whole family waiting to see us... my sisters had these t-shirts made just for the occasion! They said "welcome" in Chinese on the front, and Team Tulah on the back!! So cool!!!!

 These 2 cuties couldn't wait to meet their new cousin.... another 2 year old.... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will all have so much fun together!!

 My precious Zoee girl waiting patiently for us to land!! I'm pretty sure my mom was ready to see us too!

 My 2 beautiful sisters.... the geniuses behind the t shirts!!! They couldn't wait to be new aunties again!!

 Ahhh..... diet sundrop, how I missed you!!! My sister brought me an ice cold one!!!

 Our best friends and neighbors came to the airport to see us too! They have made this journey 3 times themselves!


 Finally out the door and headed HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really thought that Tulah would be shy and apprehensive about meeting all of her new family.... but I was wrong! She was excited to meet everybody and had no problem heading over to their lap for a visit!!

Aunt Court-Court

Grayden... so sweet to see him so gentle with his sister!
  Poppy was THRILLED to get to hold her.... he was actually the first one she went to! She was equally THRILLED to let him hold her!!

Britt Britt's first Tulah squeeze!!

 We've been so busy since we've been home that I haven't taken that many pictures:( I promise now that I am back and rested, I will do better!!) Tulah LOVES Zoee and she has been such a big help to me. She loves to entertain her, help take care of her and sleep with her. I don't know how I would have done it without her. I'm so glad that she only has 2 more days of school left!!

Tulah also had her first MD appt yesterday. She did great! We have to start all of her immunizations over, so she got 4 shots, but she was a trooper! We have several specialists to see regarding all of her special needs, but the doctor gave us the most encouraging comment. She said, "this time next year, all of this will be a distant memory, and she will be running around with everybody else her age"!! That was great to hear, and even though I know these next months will be very challenging, I know that as tough as this little girl is, she can do ANYTHING!!!!


Photo Shoot In the Garden

While we are in Guangzhou, we are staying at The Garden Hotel. It is a very nice, pretty swanky place. And guess what they have behind the hotel?? You guessed it, a really pretty garden with a huge, winding koi pond.... perfect for picture taking! So after lunch, I spiffed our sweet girl up a bit and we were off to the garden for a little photo shoot.

Enjoy the pictures!!!








Only 2 more days til we're home!!!!! Can't wait for everyone to meet this girl!!!!!!!


An Adventure at Safari Park

Even though we are required to be in China for nearly 2 weeks to complete Tulah's adoption, there are really only a few days when we are busy with adoption related "official" business. The other days are for us to have free time or to go and sightsee. I have been looking forward to today's visit to Safari Park ever since my friend Jen visited there in February for Pearl's adoption. And even though it was HOT.... and I mean HOT.... it was still a really great time and all 3 of us really enjoyed it. All of the animals were much closer than we would ever get to see them back in the US. And, we had the opportunity to see animals that we just don't get to see back home.

Michael was on camera duty, and he took tons of pictures! But here are just a few of my favorites!!





Tulah continues to do great!! Still loving on her baba, but she really loves her mama too!

4 more days!! Look out Redah Acres, Tulah is coming home soon!!!


Life with Tulah: Day Four

Today is a traveling for us. We are packing up now and will head to the airport soon. We are flying to Guangzhou for the last part of this journey!! Halfway home!!

Here are a few pictures from the last few days...








Life with Tulah: Day Three

We spent the day at People's Park in Nanning. This is a pretty park for the people of Nanning to come and visit and relax. We saw many people dancing, exercising and singing throughout the park, There is also an amusement park here for children. Our sweet girl didn't want anything to do with that part, but it was fun to walk around and look at anyway!!

It was another good day for Tulah!! She had a good breakfast and did not cry at all in the car. And today..... she was her MAMA's girl!!!! She sat with me for breakfast, and only I could carry her around the park.... I'm pretty sure Michael was OK with that on this 95 degree day:)

After we returned, we all took a really nice, long nap and Tulah had fun playing with some of her toys. When we are just all together in the hotel room- that's when her little personality really comes out and we get the playful and smiling girl!!

After we all woke up, we went to look for some dinner. That is not that easy to do when you are pretty SICK of seeing chicken feet and fish heads everywhere you go. But, one of the employees here at our hotel told us about an Italian restaurant just around the corner. We walked there, and OH MY GOODNESS....the menu looked like we could eat there!! I had a very cold Coke Zero (this is So exciting because nothing here is cold!!), and pasta with garlic, olive oil and chili peppers. It was divine!! And Tulah liked it too! Michael had a really good, handmade, thin crust Hawaiian pizza, it was delicious too! We were some happy people after that meal!!

Here are some pictures from the day!!