First Day of School!!!!!

Well..... it finally happened. Summer is officially over and School is officially back in session! My little Zoee is now a 2nd grader. I cannot believe how time has flown by. It seems like JUST yesterday I had a little Kindergartner.

August 20, 2009
First Day of Kindergarten

August 19, 2010
First Day of 1st grade

August 24, 2011
First Day of 2nd Grade

Zoee.... you are such a smart, beautiful, artistic and talented young lady, and Daddy and I couldn't be more proud of you!!! We love you so much and wish you a fabulous year in 2nd grade!!!

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  1. Zoee is growing up!! It happens overnight

    I may be wrong...but I think I saw a picture of Miss Liu Liu today...she looks very happy!! :)