Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep......

Being able to tuck my babies in at night is such a precious gift. I have always loved this time of the day... not only because I know some much needed quiet time is ahead (can't lie.... that is part of it!), but because of the sweet moment I get to share with each of them. Zoee gives the biggest, best hugs and her love just explodes out of her. Grayden has the sweetest little lips and gives the best goodnight kiss ever! Not to mention it is the ONLY time of the day that he smells absolutely divine (after his bath of course!) and he lets you snuggle with him just a little.

Despite these wonderful moments, my heart lately is heavy at night. You see, I have another baby that I can't kiss goodnight yet. I can't tuck her in yet. I can't hug her yet and tell her that I love her more than anything; just as much as if I have had her with me her entire life. I can't say her nite nite prayers with her yet. And that just breaks this mama's heart. I just want to get to her and love on her. I pray every night that her carers are loving on her for me and tucking her in, and giving her all the hugs and kisses that I just am not able to do right now.

I recently received this most precious picture, and my heart is at peace knowing that those prayers are being answered.

"When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet"
Proverbs 3:24