Do you need to relax??

I know I sure do. This last week has been CRAZY busy between work, ballgames, church commitments, baby showers, etc, etc, etc!!! Over the last few months, I have found a relaxing "habit" that I absolutely must do before settling in for the night. I cannot wait until I get the kids all tucked away in bed, (of course only after enjoying spending time with them for as long as possible;) and then I enjoy taking a bath... in the quiet... all by myself.... uninterrupted B.L.I.S.S.

One Friday night last month, the hubs was spending some time with his friends and my mom offered to let the kids come and spend the night! My sweet, thoughtful husband offered to change his plans so I wouldn't be alone.... but really.... I was going to be just fine! Oh yes, a night of quiet time, just blog surfing or whatever I wanted to do. I was actually a little excited! (is that bad??) Anyway, I took the kids to my mom's and she said, "You need to just go home and take a long bath and relax". And, I thought that sounded that a grand idea. But, I whined to her (yes, I am 31) , "but I don't have any bubble bath". Mama to the rescue again..... isn't it just great that our moms are really always there for us, even as adults? She went into her room and came out with a brand new Stress Relief set of body wash and lotion from B&B Works. I can't really explain to you how happy that made me!!! With saving for our adoption, I have tried to stay away from those kind of luxury purchases, so needless to say, I pretty much kissed my babies goodnight and headed straight to the tub:))

Because I loved the stuff so much, and I decided that this nightly bath would be a definite routine for me from now on, I ran out of my precious shower gel the other day. BOO:( So, since we were in the vicinity of a B&B Works yesterday, I decided to pop in really quick for a refill.

Well..... GUESS. WHAT. I. FOUND??

These two beautiful bath products are the best I have found in a long time! The scent is Lavendar Chamomile, and it is just so soft, and sleepy, and perfect. The luxury bath..... is, well, so luxurious!! Big, big, silky bubbles. Ahhhhhh...... I'm telling ya, take a bath with the luxury bath, then moisturize with the body lotion, put your most comfy jammies on, and you are on your way to sleepy town!! It is wonderful! And the best part.... both the kiddos have given hugs and smelled me just a little longer than usual, and I got the , " you smell good mommy":)) I think this splurge was totally worth it.

If you're near a B&B Works this week, check it out. You won't be sorry!


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