LOA..... Please Hurry !!!!!

L. O. A.

3 little letters......

That I really, really, really want to hear.

LOA stands for Letter of Acceptance. This will be our official approval, from China, to bring Tulah home. The whole adoption process is a tough wait, but I have found this to be one of the hardest. I think because we just have really no idea when it will come. I have seen some LOAs from other families come in as quick as 34 days, and some I have seen take up to 140 days.... with no apparent rhyme nor reason. Right now we are on day 48 of our LOA wait. So, it could be right around the corner, or it could be a long ways away. Our wonderful, and very reliable adoption coordinator says that she anticipates that we will get our LOA at the beginning of March. And... it is now officially the beginning of March. So, please, please join us in praying that we will hear something VERY soon. We first saw her precious face June 10, 2011, and that seems like long ago. We just want to bring her home !! She has so many people already that are in love with her!! I have been looking through all the pictures I have of her lately... memorizing every little bit of her. One of my favorites I have yet to share on the blog, but it is so precious, and she looks so sweet.... I have to share with ya'll.

Isn't she just so precious?!? I don't know how much longer I can stand it!! I hope that I have some really good news, and 3 very important letters, to share with ya'll soon!!

Have a blessed week!!


  1. Love the picture of Pearl!!! She is adorable. . . . .I am stalking blogs and hoping, hoping for our TA to arrive today!! It seems like our travel date keeps moving back. Hope your three letters come soon. And the nightly bath would be on a short list of my favorite things!

  2. Oh Amber, I so understand the longing to hold a yet unknown (in person anyway) child in my arms. Our family prays for the AOW kids daily ~ and for the families that wait for some of them.

    Oh, and just a little fyi ~ be watching the AOW blog on Thursday of next week. You just may see a certain cutie patootie. :)

  3. Yay!!!!!!!! I love reading posts like this and then seeing it happen just after!! :) So so tickled for your sweet family! :) Now, come on TA!