A few more pics.....

Here are a few more pics from our day at Brookgreen Gardens.......

Grayden loves "gators"....

 And so does his Daddy!! He thinks he's so funny!!

 Me and my buddy!!

 In the Butterfly Pavilion, the butterflies were fluttering everywhere, and they would happily land on us!

 My beautiful Zoee girl!!

I SO loved the huge oak trees covered with Spanish Moss.... BEAUTIFUL!!

We decided that this would be a new Easter weekend family tradition.... and next Easter... we will have this little girl to experience this with us!! It won't be much longer!!!!


  1. Beautiful!! Can't wait to see this precious girl in your arms!

  2. Love the pictures! I also swoon at giant trees and especially spanish moss :):) Gorgeous little family, can't wait to meet the new addition!