A Day at Brookgreen Gardens

It has been a family tradition since I was in elementary school....every year at Easter, my family heads to the beach. Though most every year, it is too cool to hang out on the beach, I really thought that this year that would NOT be the case. You see, here where we live, it was in the high 70's and even 80's the whole month of March! But, once again Easter brought its' cold chill to the beach!

On Saturday, the high was only supposed to get to about 70, and with the wind on the beach, that feels really cool. So, in an effort to find some activity to occupy our day, I finally got my husband to take us somewhere that I have wanted to go to FOREVER.... Brookgreen Gardens. I have driven past this place for years, and it looked so beautiful, but that was nothing compared to the beauty that was found inside.

The property is HUGE. I'm not sure just exactly how many acres this place covers, but you could spend an entire day, or more, exploring everything they have to offer. We visited the zoo there, an indoor butterfly pavilion, immaculate gardens with beautiful flowers, fountains, sculptures and quaint paths. I haven't been that relaxed in a long time. And it was such a good, family time! If you ever visit near Murrell's Inlet, SC, it is worth your time to pay this beautiful place a visit.

Enjoy some of our pictures from the day!!!

After these 3 pictures, Blogger has decided not to let me upload any more pics tonight:(( I will add in some more pics tomorrow!!

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  1. Your kids are absolutely beautiful!! Praying you get TA SUPER QUICK!!!! Can't wait to see sweet Tulah in family pictures SOON!