A new milestone.... and ANOTHER chance for an IPad 2??

As I probably have made you acutely aware by now..... there are SO MANY steps in this adoption process. Last Monday, the United States Center for Immigration Services approved us..... AGAIN.... this time specifically to adopt our Tulah!! Today, our visa petition was approved and "cabled" to the US Embassy in Guangzhou, China!! Little Tulah's visa application will be dropped off tomorrow and will take 2 weeks to process. So, after April 10, we will officially be waiting on our Travel Approval!!!! Travel Approval is China's invitation for us to come and, at last, GET OUR GIRL!!!! For the first time, things are moving quickly, and we are getting SO excited!!!

So, what's this about ANOTHER IPad 2?? Well.... I have mentioned here several times that we are not the only family on our street heading to China for a little one. One family just returned, one family will be leaving next week, and the other family will be leaving a few weeks ahead of us. The Rivera's adoption has gone by super fast, due to a medical expedite of their little Isabella. Sounds great, but the faster the paper chase, the faster the funds are due. They are hosting an Ipad2 giveaway as well, and their giveaway will end tomorrow night. Hop on over to their blog, show them some support, and take another chance at that Ipad2!!!!!!


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  1. Thank you so much!!
    Soooo happy your I800 was approved & cabled!! We will meet in GZ, my friend!