My Beauty Queen.....

 We are a very blessed family.... for many, many reasons!! One of those reasons is that we (well....my parents) have a small house at the beach. We LOVE it!! And, we try and go every time we get a chance, especially in the summertime!!

Our house is in a campground. It is a wonderful place... family friendly and Christ-centered. There are tons of activities going on all summer long, but during the 4th of July holiday, there are lots of extra special things going on. 

 Extra things like a huge parade, and a beauty pageant. Because of course, what parade is complete without a beauty queen??

We always have a great time going to watch the parade. But this year, my Zoee girl wanted more. She wanted to be IN the parade. As in, "I wanna win the beauty pageant and ride on the top of the car in the parade".

 Oh. My.

Mama here doesn't know a thing about beauty pageants. And NEVER,  have I imagined EVER, being involved in one.  But my girl really wanted to try it. And, this was a very small pageant, that wouldn't take much preparation, or cost very much to enter!

So, I agreed to let her do it. She entered the pageant. And, her proud daddy was her escort.

She did great.  And, she was absolutely beautiful!!!  
(A biased opinion, I am sure!!)

She walked across the stage just as she practiced, posing and smiling at the judges along the way.

 The director of the pageant introduced her, and asked her a question.

"Zoee, who do you most want to be like when you grow up and why"?

And she answered, " When I grow up, I would want to be like my mom. She is really nice, I love her and she is a really good mom"!!!

(Sniff, sniff.... enter mama tears here!!!)

 I thought she would be all nerves and honestly, I wouldn't have been surprised if she would have wanted to back out at the last minute.

 But, she didn't. She displayed confidence and grace. And for the youngest girl in her category, and her first pageant, she did great!!!!!

 In the end, 
she didn't win the pageant...
or get to ride on top of a car in the parade...

BUT, to us,

She definatley deserved a crown!!!!

Though it can surely hurt a mama's heart to see her baby's feelings hurt, it turned out to be a great opportunity to reiterate to her, that our real beauty and worth is only found in Christ.... not what clothes we wear, how our hair looks, or what shoes we have on.

 Zoee, your beauty radiates not only on the outside, but on the inside too!! You are such a smart young lady, and the best big sister ever!!! You make mama and daddy SO incredibly proud!!


  1. Awesome post -Just found your blog. I was in church yesterday & they were talking about how with God we don't always get what we want and its because God has a specific plan for US. Then he went on to say that we need to let our children win, lose, be disappointed, etc. Because just like God allows us to experience those things we are moulding them for life! Thought that was interesting & fitting here. I think she's beautiful. -Red heads can be so striking!

  2. Awww...way to go Zoee! You are beautiful inside and out!