New Family Pictures

Last week I suddenly realized that our new family of 5 had not had any professional pictures made!! I also then realized that my sweet Tulah would be getting her casts very soon, and I really wanted to have some  great pictures of her now.... she will be in casts for the greater part of the next year (for her feet first, then for her hips).

Lucky for me, my sweet friend Cassy, is a fabulous photographer and squeezed us in at the last minute. It was REALLY hot and a storm was on the way, so we had to act fast, but I think they turned out great!!

Here are a few of my favorites:)

P.S. Michael wanted everyone to know that he shaves his head on purpose and that he is NOT going bald!! LOL!!


  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! :o)

  2. Such a beautiful family, Amber :)
    Tulah looks like she fits in perfectly!

  3. You have an incredibly beauutiful family Amber!! Love these pictures!!