Post MRI Update

Tulah went in around 10:00 this morning for the MRI of her spine. She did really great with the exception of really wanting a banana this morning, and NOT understanding why she couldn't have it: :(( My poor baby!! However, we managed to distract her enough to get her mind off of that until it was time to take her back. They weighed my sweet girl and we are still at 18 pounds. I thought for sure after vacation, she would have put on  a few pounds... I know I sure did!!

They let me stay with her until they got her off to sleep, which only took a few minutes. I then headed back to the waiting room to wait. A big THANK YOU to my mom for going with me to help out and keep me company!! The test took right at 2 hours to complete and then they took her to the recovery area where my mom and I got to meet back up with her. I was really anxious to see my baby and get her in my arms.

She was happy to see us, but really unhappy with all her "connections". She wanted to get rid of her IV, all of her EKG leads and her pulse ox monitor ASAP!! She also downed a cup of apple juice in record time and thoroughly enjoyed that banana from this morning!! By the time we were allowed to leave, she was back to her smiling self!

Here is a {not very good quality} picture of her waking up in recovery:

I really thought that we would come home, get her a little more to eat and then she would rest. NOT!! That anesthesia put her to sleep for the MRI, but has kept her awake for hours and hours. I honestly don't know how she is still going!! I even packed her up for a car ride... that always puts her to sleep. Every time I looked back to check on her she would just wave at me and say, "Hey mama"! It's now 11:30 and I *think* she is finally resting, hopefully for the night!!

Thank you all for your prayers! They mean so much! Everything went smoothly and safely today, and those are surely answered prayers. Still praying to hear results by Friday, or hopefully sooner, and will post another update then.


  1. Praying with you for great results! I can not believe it has been almost 2 months home for her!! How?!! I will be keeping an eye out for the results. Glad she did well! She is way too cute!! :) :)

  2. Anxious to hear the results of the MRI!!! Blessings to all.