Falling Short.....

Child of God. Daughter. Wife. Mama. Auntie. Nurse. Nursing Instructor. Graduate Student. Friend. Neighbor. Perfectionist. People Pleaser. Sinner.

I've never sat down and thought about all the "words" that describe who I am. But tonight, I find myself doing just that. I am all of these things. And some of them.... aren't so nice. I have struggled this week with really falling short. Falling short as a wife, falling short as a mama, and most definitely falling short of His amazing grace. What a treasure it is to know Him, to know that I will always fall short, to know that He loves me anyway, to know that He loves me so much, He sent His son to die for me, to know that He insists that I am in Heaven with Him one day. What a sweet relief, knowing this , has been to me this week.

While wallowing in my falling shortedness (yes, I know that's definitely not a word!) I came across this today.

WOW. Am I trying to be Super Woman? Yes. And just how has that turned out? UGLY. Why did it take something like this, to help me see that Super Woman is not who I want to be? I don't know why. But I do know that this is a beautiful reminder of who I want to be. This is who I want my Heavenly Father to see me as. This is who I want my husband to see me as. This is who I want my children to see me as. So, I hope, next time I'm beating myself up about falling short, and thinking about all the things I didn't accomplish, that I can be still and remember I don't have to be Super Woman. He knows me....the good and the bad... and He loves me anyway.


  1. I am enjoying reading your blog! What a good reminder of the person that God wants me to be, and of the ways I live my life trying to be a Super Woman - when that is not what God wants from me at all! Thanks!
    Amanda P

  2. Thank you for the reminder...Super Woman..Super Mommy is a hard stereotype / sociological description to break!!
    Finding out what God wants for us and following His plan is the key!
    Thank you for reminding me!! XOXO

  3. You never fall short as a friend ! Love you!