Sunday Snapshot

In my last post I mentioned there were a few new pictures of our precious girl. Thought I'd share one with you for today's Sunday Snapshot! I fall in love even more every time I see her face.

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Sunday Snapshot


  1. I just looked at your little daughter again. Is she Julia???? I sponsored her through an Orphan's Wish.......I love that child! I'm so excited to see she is coming home to such a wonderful family.

  2. Hi Amy!

    Thank you for your kind comments! And yes, she is Julia from AOW. We are so very thankful for the care that she is receiving there... and for your sponsorship! I'm so glad you "found" her on here and can follow along as we wait to bring her home!!

    P.S. Just took a look at your blog. Your kids are so precious! Your little Ji looks alot like Julia's baby pictures:)

  3. Amber,

    HI! I am a volunteer for An Orphan's Wish (I work with Maureen in donations, small events and fundraising). Anyway I came over to your blog through LeeAnn's blog. So happy for you and your family - and of course for Miss Tulah (AOW world Julia)!!!

    My husband and I are in the early stages of collecting information on agencies...he is not 30 yet though. I have some questions that I was wondering if you would mind answering....if you don't mind my e-mail is: astibbetts@gmail.com.

    Thanks and I can't wait to see Tulah in your arms!!! Blessings, Ashley