Sunday Snapshot (A day late): Weekend at the Mountains

Please forgive me for the late Sunday Snapshot this week, but Blogger was not cooperating with me last night!! So, let's try this again....

We returned yesterday from a great trip to the mountains with Michael's family. I will admit, that I am a beach girl at heart, and the thought of a mountain trip kind of scared me a little. You see, I have a phobia. A phobia, and unexplainable fear of log cabins. I know it's not logical. But, it's real. Something about all that dark colored wood surrounding me on all 4 walls, and being in the dark woods, just freaks me out! I know most of you are thinking... "are you crazy"??? But, what can I say?? In the famous words of my daughter, "I can't help it"!!!

However, with all that said, Michael's parents planned a trip for us and the kids to go and visit Tweetsie Railroad.... you guessed it.... in the mountains.... in a log cabin..... YIKES!!!! And my kids were absolutely, over the top, excited!! So, I took one for the team and we headed up the mountain. And, on an early Saturday morning drive, I was amazed at God's beautiful creation. The mountains were spectacular, with their orange, red and yellow leaves glowing. It really was beautiful. The kids LOVED Tweetise..... and.... the log cabin.... was actually very nice:) After the morning at Tweetsie, my sister and I went shopping in the quaint little mountain town of Blowing Rock, NC, and had a great time. So, all around, a very nice weekend!! Thank you Mike and Shirley for a fun-filled family weekend:))

Here are a few pictures from the trip....

Oh.... and on an adoption note, we recieved our fingerprint notices over the weekend!!! Yee-hah!!!

Sunday Snapshot


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