Happy Birthday to Me!!!

OK... so, my birthday isn't until Saturday, but yesterday I got the best birthday present EVER!!!!!

Every day, I hop over to An Orphan's Wish blog, so I can check out all the wonderful things happening there. If you aren't familiar with AOW, it is an AMAZING organization, with AMAZING staff, helping to make the futures brighter for some AMAZING kids. AOW works to obtain sponsorships for the kiddos they care for on a daily basis, including children with clubfoot, complicated medical issues, and Cerebral Palsy. AOW does a great job updating their blog daily, and yesterday.......... the featured child was none other than our Tulah!!!!!! Talk about a heart that was just about to burst with joy!! There were several precious photos and updates about our daughter and I just can't explain it, but it was a gift straight from God. It is SO unusual for adoptive parents to have so many opportunities to get a glimpse of their child, and we have been so incredibly blessed.

Please go over and take a look at the AOW website and read about the wonderful things they are doing. You will be greatly moved by the love and care that these precious children receive there, and maybe feel moved to sponsor a child to help them receive the love and care that they so desperately need. You can find more information on AOW here, and see a few new pics of sweet Tulah too!!

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  1. I was so excited when I read AOW's blog that day!! What a blessing it's been for all of us to get a glimpse of Tulah along your journey, a true gift from God...I've been a proud neighbor and friend and can't wait for our girls to get home & become close friends!!