30 Days of Thankfulness..... Day 1

I cannot believe that it is November already!! 2011 really has flown by. Normally I am not all that excited for the cooler weather and the winter months, but this year, the way I see it, every month that comes around, is one month closer to my baby girl!! And that is something to get really excited about!!

During the month of November, I like for my kids to talk about something that they are thankful for each day, in preparation for Thanksgiving and the holiday season. In keeping with this tradition, I am going to *TRY* to blog each day about something that I am thankful for. A beautiful reminder for those days when I'm impatient, struggling, or just in a bad mood!

Today, I am thankful for this:

This is a picture of my beautiful girl, being told that she is being adopted, and being shown pictures of her new, FOREVER family!!! I am SO thankful and grateful to the wonderful people and carers at An Orphan's Wish and the House of Love!! They are loving my girl and taking such good care of her until we can come and get her!!

To learn more about An Orphan's Wish and the House of Love, click here!!

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  1. I love that picture! Her little face is so intent...just precious!! ~Dardi