It's Been Way Too Long.....

Since I have posted on my blog:( And, I definitely did not do very well with my daily "Thankful" posts. Please forgive me!!! The Hatley family has had a busy week. We have all been suffering from colds and sore throats, Michael celebrated a birthday, Zoee and Grayden have started basketball season (and Michael is helping to coach both teams), and I am frantically finishing up all of my coursework so that I can graduate in 4 weeks!!! Believe me when I say that I will be so thankful to have my Master's and VERY thankful that my education is complete!! Finally at 31 years old, I am going to be finished with school:)) There were plenty of events to photograph this week, but guess what.... I have not one picture of any of it to share!! I promise to do better!

I have kind of been in a little "funk" with our adoption process this week. We are STILL waiting for our 1800 a approval to come, it seems like it is taking an eternity. My hands are really tied with moving forward until that approval comes. ( For those of you who may not know, this is the approval from the US to bring a foreign born child into this country). Once that comes, we can get everything certified, and then authenticated, and then it will be off to China! I am still praying that we can get our dossier to China before the end of the year.... although with each passing day it seems more and more unlikely.

It continues to amaze me how God is working in our lives through this adoption... and we are not even half way to the finish line yet!! In the last few weeks, Michael has had the opportunity to share our story with several people whose hearts were being pulled towards adoption. And... tonight... it happened to me! I got to talk with a friend who I have known for a long time, who is feeling that strong call towards adoption as well. Getting to speak to her, kind of busted me out of my "funk", renewed my spirit, and reminded me that this wait is not forever, and we will be united with our daughter soon!!

Please don't forget about our fundraiser going on now! The faith necklace is beautiful and it has opened many doors for me to speak with others about my faith. Just click on the Buy Now link at the top, right hand corner of the page.

P.S. If any of you have any encouraging words for a pep talk through this waiting game, please feel free to share!!!!


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