30 Days of Thankfulness..... Day 3

Today, I am thankful for this girl.....

Zoee came home today and told me that her teacher loved her journal entry SO much that she read it to the other teachers at their meeting. She told me that her teacher just LOVED the expression coming out in her writing. I was beaming! I have been told that her writing is excellent, and I really am so proud of her!!

So, logically, I asked her what she wrote about. She said, "well.... we had to write about something we absolutely hated". Me: "OK, so what did you write about"? Her: "I wrote about how much I hate to take baths, because our bathtub is gross!!" Me: "What?!?!"Her: "I found a totally gross bug and my brother takes a bath in there and it is gross!"

So, since she thinks it's so gross (I would love for her to see a really gross bathroom!!), she has volunteered to be the bathroom cleaner from now on!! PERFECT!!!!

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