Happy New Year!!!!

I can't believe that 2011 is behind us and that 2012 is here. 2011 went by ridiculously fast, and I have no doubt that 2012 will flash by us as well. Last year brought so many changes to our family. We had no idea what would be in store for us!! I have never been very good at keeping New Year's resolutions, and honestly I can't remember ever really seriously making any. However, I do like goal setting and accomplishing goals, so, for a fun post.... here are some things that I would really like to do in 2012... some are serious, some are fun!

  • Sharing our story: Our family is such an example of how God works in HUGE ways. This time last year, adoption was definatley not on our radar, and now we cannot wait to fly across the world to get our little girl! Earlier today Michael and I had the honor and privilege to visit another church and speak about our story and journey of faith, and how God can change hearts. It truly was an honor and I hope that this is a way that God can use us in the future to spread His word and bring glory to Him.
  • Getting to China: I SO hope that we can check this one off the list by May!!!!
  • Reading the Bible: I really want to stick to my reading the Bible in a year plan. This is one goal I have had before, and did not accomplish... yet. I spend time in God's word, but haven't gotten cover to cover. I hope this is the year!
  • Taking the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Exam: Since I officially graduated with my MSN, I can sit for and take the CNE exam. Once I finish this, I really think I will be educated to my fullest potential and DONE!!!!
  • Take on some DIY projects and become more crafty: I really, really want to take on some of the cool DIY projects and crafts that I have seen on other blogs and Pinterest. I have been using the left side of my brain for way too long, I want to knock the rust off of the creative side of my brain and put it to good use!
  • Learn to sew: Super, duper want to learn this. I have a feeling that this would be really difficult for me to learn how to do, but I honestly do want to try.

There you have it!! Sure, there are more I should list like cut out sugar, caffeine, exercise more... but................ well, we'll see:)) Wishing everyone a Happy, joy-filled, New Year!


  1. Love your "to do" list for 2012!!! :) I really hope we're traveling close to May....:)

  2. Cut out caffeine??? Are you mad, woman? ;o) Glad that didn't make the official list...we have much more paperwork that I'm quite sure will require IV drips of caffeinated beverages.