Sunday Snapshot: Photo Shoot for Poppy!!

Every year it happens.

About a month before Christmas my sisters and I have a monster brainstorming session about what to get my dad... aka "Poppy".

I mean, the man has anything and everything he needs and doesn't want anybody to spend one penny on him.

But, he's our dad and we WANT to get him something, and we want him to really like it, because he has given us SO much!!

So, my sister came up with a great idea to have our kids pictures taken for him.

But, not just anywhere.

At the tire store.

My dad's tire store.

The place where my dad has worked since he was 12 years old.

And the place that supports our entire family ( the hubby and my brother in law work there too)!

And we had Cross Roads Tire Store t-shirts made to wear!

And we framed them and hung them all in the office of the store!!

On Christmas morning we had a scavenger hunt for my dad's gift. And we all loaded up and drove to the tire store.

And... He LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was great!!!!!

And, I thought I would share some of the pictures with you all !!

(all the grand kids)

( My Zoee girl)

(My sweet buddy Grayden)

(My precious niece Averie)

( My Handsome nephew Kannon)

(Me, my sisters and the kiddos)

Oh, and we left plenty of room on the wall for sweet Tulah's picture to go when she gets here!!!

Have a Blessed Week!!

Sunday Snapshot

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  1. I just LOVE these pics!! What a sweet gift for your dad!
    Keeping you guys in my prayers for a speedy LOA...I know the WAIT is frustrating, I'm right there with ya!!