Shout Out for Blog Help!!!!

As much as I wish I could say that I designed my own blog.... I just can't. I had to have help (usually I can figure things out, but blogger and the html format with a zillion codes confuse the mess out of me) I really want to change the font on my blog.... Do any of you have any tips on how I can do that myself?? I have tried a few tutorials I found online, but so far.. no luck! It's just not in the budget to pay for a blog redo or update right now, so any pointers would be SO appreciated!!

And... if you have any other great blog additons or things that you love, please do let me know!!! ( along with how I can do them of course!!)


Have a blessed week!!


  1. Okay, so the way I change my font is by logging on to blogger (as if i'm going to write a new post), click on my blog, then on the left hand side of the screen, click on "template", then "customize" (under the picture of my blog's current version), then "advanced", then you can adjust the font style under "post text". I use the newer blog version and my page isn't customized with any fancy background or anything...so I'm not sure if yours different than what's on my screen :)

    1. Thanks Gina!! It worked... now to just change it a thousand times to see what I like!