Sunday Snapshot: Mama's Night Out!!!!

So, it's really unusual ,I know, to post about myself. Let alone a night out with other moms... and NO kiddies..... But.... I had the most fabulous time this past Friday night that it seemed worthy of a blog post!! Months ago, in Septmember I think, some of my friends invited me to the Jason Aldean concert here in Charlotte. ( Yes, I am a big country music fan!!) It was a last minute kind of thing, but it turned out to be such a fun night with friends. Shortly after that, those same friends found out that he and his buddy LUKE BRYAN would be coming in concert together in January to Greenville, SC (only about 2 hours away), and asked me to come along!! Of course, I said I would love to come!! Well, so much happened in the months since then ( bunches of adoption paperwork, Christmas, my graduation from grad school) that it kind of snuck up on me and before I knew it... it was time to go!!

Seven of us moms headed out on Friday and made our way to Greenville, SC for the concert that night. We had a fun lunch downtown, checked into our hotel (yes, we stayed overnight!!), and just chilled out and had great converstations until time to get ready. { Oh... here I will mention the part where we had to switch rooms because we found a HUGE, furry, long legged creature in our room. } YUCK!!!! We then dolled ourselves up and took off!! We were so excited we didn't even let the POURING down rain bother us!!

Little did we know that the fabulous LC had scored us some awesome seats for a great deal.... 15th row back on the floor!! { Insert high- pitched squealing from grown women}!! Miss Lauren Alaina from American Idol opened the show... and guess what... her mom sat just a few seats away from us on the same row! That was pretty cool! But, then..... oh, my.... LUKE BRYAN came out and rocked it!! ( I know, I sound like a giddy teenager... but it was so great!!) Jason Aldean was great as well. They even did a few songs together. They are buddies in real life, so it was cool to see them perform together.

After the concert, it was back to our room to order a pizza (yea, that pretty much went straight to my hips at 1:30 in the morning!!) and get to bed. For fear of grossing you all out, I won't mention what we found in the bed when we pulled our covers back, but, as a result, the trip was made even more affordable by getting ALL our money back from the hotel fee. (And, the sad part is we stayed at a nice hotel.. not a dump!!) Oh well, despite the few "friends" we found at the hotel, it was still worth every single minute!!

A big thank you to my husband and my in-laws for helping with my kids so that this mama could have a night out!! Though they are few and far between, getting a little break from the routine can really be refreshing and it is so appreciated!! I hope all you mama's out there get a night off once in a while to refresh and recharge as well!! In all the excitement, I didn't even take one picture, but thankfully LC to the rescue again!! Here are a few pics from our night!!

Check out Stephanie's blog for more Sunday Snapshots!! Have a blessed week everyone!!

Sunday Snapshot

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  1. Lucky!!!! I saw Luke Bryan at the Grand Ole Opry a few years ago and he was great! Looks like you had a wonderful time.