It Finally Happened!!!!!

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About 5:00 yesterday, on the drive home, I was feeling totally sick. Totally sick that another Monday had gone by with no LOA. You see, LOA's typically come on Mondays, so if I didn't get one yesterday.... there would probably be no hope until next Monday.... Aggghhh......

A few minutes later I was stuck at an unusually long stoplight and I checked my email AGAIN ( I know... bad, bad, bad) But, oh my goodness, there was an email from our adoption coordinator. I did not open it. I was frozen (and the light turned green so I had to go!) When I pulled in the daycare to get Grayden, I still couldn't open it. I was so scared that it was something else, that it still wouldn't be our LOA. And hey, if I didn't open it, it could still possibly be the news we were longing to hear.

But, I bit my lip and clicked on the email. And it said "Amber, we received your LOA this afternoon. It was fed ex'd out today and you will receive it tomorrow. Congratulations!!!!"

(Insert HUGE scream of delight!!!!)

This was day 52 of our wait for LOA. The current average wait time is 60 days, so we were, for once, below the average!! It seems like on this adoption journey we have typically been on the slow end, so I was thrilled!! Plus, I am hoping that this means that we still have a little chance of traveling in May!!

Today, at about 2:00 this long awaited package finally showed up....

(Yes... I was on the lookout for that van!)

These are the precious papers we have been waiting for. China has given us their "stamp" of approval to adopt Liu YaRun!!!

My little photographer snapping a picture of me signing our LOA!!

And after mama signed it, we drove it over to dad so he could put his official signature on it!!!

By 4:00 those precious papers were out of my hands once again and back into a Fed Ex truck. Our paperwork will now go back to the United States Center for Immigration Services and they will approve us to adopt Liu Ya Run!! We have already been approved by immigration to adopt a child from China, but this approval is specifically for her. For THIS child, who God created and knew from the very minute she was conceived that she would join our family.

We are close!! Please keep praying for our sweet girl and that this journey would continue to bring glory to Him!!

"Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful"
Hebrews 10:23


  1. Y'all are so cute!!!!!! Oh how lovely it is to get a sneak peek of those very important papers!! Congrats! Praying ours comes before 60 days too!!

  2. Totally cover in goose bumps as I read this post!!! Sooooooooo excited for y'all!!! Start packing that suitcase. It won't be long now;)