Tickets for Tulah !!!!!

Wouldn't you just love to win an Ipad 2?!? Or, even better than that..... wouldn't you love to know that you had a part in bringing home a sweet little girl from across the world?? Well, because of the efforts of our wonderful friends and family, YOU have the opportunity to do both!! For a donation towards Tulah's adoption, you can be entered into our Ipad 2 giveaway!!!! PLEASE check out the top, right hand side of your screen and enter to win!!!

So how did this come about you might ask?!?

Several months ago, 2 precious friends in our Sunday School class mentioned to me over coffee that they really wanted to help with our adoption of sweet Tulah. At the time, they weren't sure exactly what they wanted to do just yet, but I was simply amazed that they were not only willing to do this, but they WANTED to do this. What they didn't know was that just earlier that week, Michael and I were still talking about the finances surrounding adoption and what we could/should do to make sure that when the time came, the funds would be there. While we were both 100% convinced that this was God's plan for our family, we were still trying to control what WE would do to make this happen. When my friends approached me totally out of the blue about this right after Michael and I had talked, I finally realized that God was showing me how HE would make this happen. I can't explain to you how much through this process that God has shown us that He is in control, and that His will is to be done.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when my friends made the announcement of The Plan! They have planned a BBQ benefit dinner for Tulah's adoption AND a giveaway for an IPad 2!!!! WOW. We can't believe it! It is so incredibly humbling to be where we are. To have people in your life that love you and care for you so much.... and love this little girl across the world so much... I really don't have words to express how that makes us feel, except incredibly LOVED. And we are incredibly GRATEFUL.

The giveaway will be held next Friday, March 23rd, so the winner will be announced then! When you enter, please remember to include your phone number and address so that I can get you that Ipad 2 if you win!!!!!

Want one more look at the precious girl you can help by entering????

Thank you so much!! Have a blessed week!!!!


  1. Hey Amber! :) I'm trying to purchase 6 tickets and when I click on the button to buy, it gives me an error message. I'll FB you and see if I can just send it to you via paypal. :) Happy Friday sweetie!

  2. Amber,

    I tried to purchase tickets through the link provided and kept getting an error message. Is there another way to donate?

  3. Thank you guys so much for letting me know! The button is now FIXED!!!!

  4. Wouldn't it be great if we were in Chana together?
    Praying for your family!