Crazy Busy & China Bound!!!

Over the last week, since we received TA, we have been busy booking our airline tickets, working on packing lists, and nesting like CRAZY!!!! We also celebrated my Zoee girl's 8th birthday!! I can.not.believe. that she is 8! Wow. Time flies! She will always be my baby though, I don't care how old or sassy she gets:)) Grayden has been busy too. T-ball is in full swing and he is loving it! On game days, he puts on his uniform HOURS before the game starts! Michael is helping coach and loving it just as much as Grayden! He just has a few days left until he graduates from preschool... my baby boy is going to Kindergarten. I can't believe it. I have also been crazy busy at work as our semester is winding down. With all this crazy "busy ness" going on, it has been really easy to get overwhelmed at the fact that:

We leave for China in 8 days!!!!!

Yes, my friends, 8 days!! CRAZY!! We leave for China on May 12th. And while we are so excited, we are also anxious about leaving our precious babies for 12 long days, and just a little anxious about those 20+ hours of flying we will have to do. But, all of these things will take us to our baby girl, and that makes it all WORTH it. We will fly all day on the 12th and arrive in China very late at night on the 13th (China time.... they are 12 hours ahead of us). Then, just a few hours later on Monday morning, we will meet Tulah!!!! Wow, it is still hard to believe that we are this close and it is really happening. Wanna know something really neat ??? When we meet Tulah on May 14th, it will still be Sunday May 13th here at home, so technically we are meeting our girl on Mother's Day. What a sweet, precious, and priceless gift!!!

We received our detailed trip itinerary today and it looks like we will be kept very busy! We are excited to see some of China and Tulah's culture. I am especially excited to get to meet some of the people who cared for Tulah during the past year, as well as visit her finding place... the place where she was found, abandoned, at 2 days old. We will also get to visit several parks and a zoo, as well as go shopping:) I am definitely planning to blog while we are there (as long as internet service cooperates), so plan to follow along on this incredible journey, orchestrated beautifully by our incredible God!! To Him be all the glory!!

Have a blessed week! I will try to update once more before we leave!!!



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  2. We met our Lainie girl on May 14th too. It was Mother's Day then also. I think that is God's way of saying to all of us, "See, I have this all worked out long before you are even aware of my plans." We didn't even know each other then, and now here you are repeating our exact same steps. I think that is a little wink from God. Simply reassuring all of us that we are on the right path.

  3. Yeah!!! So, so glad that in just a few days we will all see sweet Tulah with her forever Mommy & Daddy!! Can't wait to follow along:)

    Blessings, Ashley

  4. YIPPPEEE!!! Praise God!!!! Can't wait to see your baby girl in your arms!!!