"Gotcha Night" Part II

I had all intentions on posting yesterday, but it was a busy and challenging day. I will blog about that in another post. However, though it started difficult, it ended beautifully.... and exhaustingly... and the blogging just had to wait. More on that to come.....


Back to "Gotcha Night"... like I mentioned to y'all earlier, Tulah didn't arrive until around 9 pm. I cannot describe the feelings that had "mounted up" inside of me as hour after hour passed and she still wasn't here. But, it was a mixture of pure excitement and nervousness unlike anything I had ever felt before. At long last, the moment finally came, and our guide called the room to say that they were on their way up!! AHHHHHHH!!!! Oh my goodness, when that doorbell rang, I couldn't open it fast enough! And there she was. Tiny. Tired. Timid. Confused. Absoulutely stunning. OURS. Every part of me wanted to grab her as fast as I could and kiss and hug all over her. But, I knew that she certainly did not feel that way. Her nannies spoke to her in Chinese, words I didn't understand.... except for mama and baba. I reached out for her and she came to me!! It was the moment I had been thinking and dreaming about for almost the last year.

That precious moment was soon met by the sounds of a very sad and scared little girl, who didn't fully understand what was happening. I'm telling you, it is so hard for a mama to see her baby, one she loves with all her heart, crying and yelling in Chinese that she wants to leave. The nannies from the orphanage left and Tulah and I walked the loop around our floor in the hotel for 2 hours. She kept screaming and I just kept whispering "Ya Run's mama..... wo ai ni" and singing Jesus Loves the Little Children over and over. She finally quieted down and we went back to the hotel room where Michael and our guide were filling out paperwork. Michael was so careful not to come too close to her for fear of scaring her, but she looked at him and gave him a little grin, and that was all she wrote! She went to her baba and stayed there the rest of the night. It really was a precious site to see them two together, even though I was a little jealous:)

We did video our "Gotcha Night" and I am so excited to have that precious moment on tape to have forever. The moment she joined her forever family. It is a priceless treasure!

"Let us hold unswervingly to the hope that we profess, for He who promised is faithful"

He is faithful indeed!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. I am so glad that Tulah and Daddy are bonding! I am sure Mama's day will come before you know it! I bet that y'all are exhausted, enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Gotta tell ya....tears are flowing....

    I can only imagine the night....

    I love the things you said to her and the song you sang, simply precious.

    I am so glad that y'all are together at last....forever.

    I just keep picturing her precious little self when I met her for the first time at the HoL......she was/is quite stunning. :)

    Can't wait for more pictures.