It's About That Time......

All arrangements have been made, last minute do to things complete, Bags are finally packed, many good-byes have been said to family and friends near and far..... it is almost go time!! And as much as I have been dreading the long flight, I am at this moment quite looking forward to it. The stress of packing, worrying if I have everything, wondering if it is too heavy, did I do this, did I do that.....has WORE ME OUT!!!! I am just ready to go... ready to finally meet our daughter.... ready to do this thing and get back so that all our loved ones can meet her too!


Doesn't look like alot for 12 days huh!?!


Though the packing, planning, errands and arrangements were tough... the toughest time I fear will be in the morning when we kiss our babies goodbye for 12 days. We have never been away from them for that amount of time before. They couldn't be in any better hands as my mom, dad, sisters, and in laws will be caring for them, but we are gonna miss them like CRAZY. Thank goodness for the invention of Skype, as I really think it will help ease the homesickness by being able to see them! And, of course, for them to get to see their new baby sister!! I made them this countdown calendar to count down the days until we return. Each day has a special note from us!

I can't say thank you enough for all the kind words, sweet thoughts and most of all, the prayers that our family and friends have encouraged us with along this journey. You all have made us feel so loved, so special and so cared for. Thank you to each of you who have helped us reach this point, we could NOT have done it without you. And we are so grateful to serve a God who not only called us to do His work, but has remained faithfully by our side the whole time. We have surely felt His presence throughout this process .

I promise to blog as much as I can while we are in China! I can't wait for you all to see Tulah.... with her mama and daddy!!

God is good all the time!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Praying Miss Tulah home!!! Can't wait to see all three of you together and then a few days later the Party of Five!!!!

    Blessings & Safe Travels, Ashley

  2. Thinking about you still in the air as I type! Can't wait to hear in the morning that you are safe and sound and waiting for sweet Tulah! You will be so impressed when you get home. I have made all of my girls a new dress to wear to church in the morning AND I hemmed a dress that was too long for me! It is now 1am and I must go to bed. Happy Mother's Day friend! LOVE TO MICHAEL TOO!!

  3. I am SOOOOO excited for you!!!! I can't wait to see her in your arms!!!! Sending up prayers!!!