An Adventure at Safari Park

Even though we are required to be in China for nearly 2 weeks to complete Tulah's adoption, there are really only a few days when we are busy with adoption related "official" business. The other days are for us to have free time or to go and sightsee. I have been looking forward to today's visit to Safari Park ever since my friend Jen visited there in February for Pearl's adoption. And even though it was HOT.... and I mean HOT.... it was still a really great time and all 3 of us really enjoyed it. All of the animals were much closer than we would ever get to see them back in the US. And, we had the opportunity to see animals that we just don't get to see back home.

Michael was on camera duty, and he took tons of pictures! But here are just a few of my favorites!!





Tulah continues to do great!! Still loving on her baba, but she really loves her mama too!

4 more days!! Look out Redah Acres, Tulah is coming home soon!!!


  1. Glad you enjoyed Safari Park. Can't wait to have you home. Saw the Riveras yesterday. Now all we need is Tulah and all these China babies are home!

  2. Yay!! Can't wait until you are home!! I have never appreciated the US as much as I do now; or good coffe and my own bed LOL!!

  3. Love it!!! You'll be home before you know it!!!!

  4. We can't wait to see y'all!! Hope the rest of your trip is good. . . .I love the picture of Tulah and Michael with the ice cream:)