Nanning Day 2: "Gotcha Night"

Patience was definitely the name of the game today! We knew that today would be our "Gotcha Day", but our guide said that she didn't know when, but it would be later in the afternoon. So, ok. We had just come off an excruciatingly long plane ride and we were exhausted, so we were thinking, good we can sleep late , go eat breakfast, check out the area, and then we will get her.

We woke up early.... like at 7:00 this morning. Our time clocks just haven't shifted over to China time yet. Anyway, we got to Skype with the kids before they went to school, so that was great! Then we headed to breakfast. I was going to take a picture of it, but I guess I was so hungry that I started eating and forgot all about the picture! Those who told me breakfast was "THE" meal of the day, you were right! Tomorrow, I shall stuff myself full at breakfast since I don't tend to eat much else during the day.

We took a stroll down the street from our hotel and checked out Super Walmart:) It was SUPER big, but just not quite what we envision Walmart as being! THen Michael found a HUGE mall. Like a 7 story, humongo mall. We walked around looking at everything. He even picked out a pair of shoes he liked, but guess what.... they don't go into sizes that big!! So, after shopping, and purchasing nothing, we went out for lunch which was a little sketchy. Michael says were like celebrities with everyone pointing and staring at us:)

I am just too tired to get into much detail about her arrivial, so I will add a few pics and then update this part soon. More details about Gotcha Night tomorrow! She is beautiful and we are incredibly blessed!!!




  1. Such a blessing to see Miss Tulah in her forever Mommy & Daddy's arms!!!


  2. Congratulations!! She's a beauty!! So sweet!

  3. Great to hear from you and 'see' the beautiful Tulah! Hope your day is going well! Nasty rainy day here so you haven't missed a thing!

  4. Hi~I'm a volunteer with An Orphan's Wish. So happy to see this sweet girl we knew as Julia with her Mommy and Daddy. Many people have prayed for Tulah and for this day. Congratulations!

    Lisa Osborn

  5. Look at that sweet baby in her Daddy's arms. Rejoicing with you!!!